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Company  Increases Efficiency with Pick-to-Light System

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Tupperware is a global leader in kitchen storage solutions. With a need for quick and efficient order fulfillment, they turned to pick-to-light (PTL) technology to streamline their picking process.


Tupperware needed a solution to increase its picking efficiency while also reducing its operational costs. They required a solution that could easily integrate into their existing warehouse infrastructure and improve their overall order fulfillment process.


Tupperware implemented a PTL system on their quick-picking line. The system utilized advanced sensors and LED lights to guide warehouse workers to the correct storage location for each order, reducing the risk of errors and improving picking accuracy.


Implementing Pick to Light at Tupperware improved in efficiency and cost savings. The system reduced the time required for order picking and improved overall picking accuracy, improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, the system reduced the cost per sorted unit, resulting in significant cost savings for the company.

"The PTL system has greatly improved our picking process and impacted significantly our overall operations."

"We're now able to fulfill orders faster and with greater accuracy, which has resulted in improved customer satisfaction."


increase in order-picking speed.

"The system is highly reliable and has greatly reduced the risk of errors and delays."

"We're very happy with the results and highly recommend PTL for any warehouse looking to improve efficiency."


reduction in cost per sorted unit.

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