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Implementation of Overhead Conveyors

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YALE, a manufacturer and distributor of clothing, encountered obstacles in improving its storage and distribution processes. The organization required an efficient and precise way of storing and handling hanging and flat garments. 


YALE encountered difficulties in improving its storage and distribution processes. The existing manual process was not efficient, resulting in low productivity. Additionally, storing and handling both hanging and flat garments was a challenging task that needed to be addressed.


We installed a multi-level overhead conveyor system that could accommodate both hanging and flat garments. The system included smart conveyors and overhead conveyors. This installation greatly improved the speed of picking and transporting materials while giving them a lot more storage space. 


The implementation of the solution improved YALE's storage and distribution processes. The system ensured the efficient and accurate storage and handling of both hanging and flat garments, resulting in a significant increase in productivity. Additionally, the system reduced the workforce by 40%, resulting in cost savings for the company.

"This revolutionized our storage and distribution processes. With more organized and accessible garment storage, we achieved significant storage benefits."

"The system has greatly improved our picking efficiency."


reduced workforce. 

"We are extremely pleased with the results of the overhead conveyor system. It also adapted perfectly to the space available"


increased productivity. 

"The overhead conveyor system has been an essential asset in achieving our business goals."

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