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Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie

Revolutionize Your Warehouse with Pick to Light Technology

Increase your efficiency in e-commerce with our custom-made solutions.
Mezzanine and shelvings

¿How can I increase the usable floor space in my Warehouse?

Our storage solutions are crafted to store more merchandise in less space while having every product ready for speedy distribution.

Our Clients

Invenova Canada. 35 years. Thousands of logistic projects. Hundreds of Satisfied clients.
Clients Invenova Canada
gravity conveyor

Smart conveyors are productive, safe, and cost-efficient. 

Facilitate the movement of goods and materials throughout the facility.

Our Alliances

Allowing us to provide value to your project.

Automation of distribution centers using state-of-the-art robotics.

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Daifuku Logo

World-class systems in material handling.

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Apllicacion de tecnologia de punta

Automation of distribution centers through software and hardware solutions.

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Optimus Sorters Logo

World class sorting systems.

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Improve productivity with gravity conveyors.

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Innovative intralogistics solutions.

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