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miniso tray sorters

Tray Sorters

Tray sorters are conveyor systems that quickly and efficiently sort and distribute items in warehouses and distribution centers. They are reliable, accurate, and suitable for high-volume operations, making them valuable tools for improving efficiency and productivity.

Get your items sorted and distributed with ease and speed using our innovative tray sorters. With cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly design, our tray sorters are the perfect solution for any warehouse or distribution center.

High Volume

They can handle several items, from small to large packages, and can sort them quickly and accurately, allowing for faster order fulfillment and delivery.

Streamline operations

Tray Sorters can be programmed to sort according to attributes such as size, weight, and product type. Link them to inventory management systems to update inventory levels automatically.

Real-Time Tracking

Sort and distribute in real-time, allowing for a faster and more efficient workflow. Workers can be directed to specific areas of the warehouse to pick up items, and the system can track the progress of each worker, ensuring that orders are processed quickly and accurately.

Customer stories

Miniso Tray Sorter Case

Our client successfully implemented a tray-sorter solution with 120 outside chutes that increased productivity and efficiency in their warehouse. Handling up to 15,000 puts per hour with an expansion potential of another 120 inside chutes. It significantly reduced labor costs and improved accuracy in the distribution process.


Grupo AXO tray sorter

We helped a client transform their picking process by implementing a continuous sorting system with Put to Light technology. Their efficiency increased from 70 picks per man-hour to 320 picks per man-hour, processing up to 9,000 puts per man-hour. Our solution streamlined the picking process, reduced errors, and improved productivity and efficiency.


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