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Automation and Robotics

The implementation of automation and robotics has become increasingly prevalent in warehouse applications to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. These advanced robots, both mobile and stationary, are specifically programmed to perform a range of essential tasks, including order picking, item sorting, transportation, packaging, and cleaning, among others.


This solution significantly reduces human errors in warehouse tasks such as order picking, inventory tracking, and packaging.


With the ability to be reprogrammed, robots offer a level of flexibility that is difficult to achieve with human labor.


Designed to work at a constant pace, which can significantly improve productivity and speed up warehouse operations.

Success Stories

Smart Carts

VSP Optics implemented a robotics system that involved placing lens materials or frames in plastic totes. They were then conveyed between an automated storage facility and various human and robotic assembly stations. The system used advanced sensors and software to accurately locate and transport inventory throughout the warehouse.


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