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Abarrotes Raúl

Enhances Grocery Order Fulfillment with Pick to Light System

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Abarrotes Raúl is a Mexican grocery chain that needed an efficient and reliable solution to fulfill orders in their warehouse. They turned to pick-to-light technology to streamline their order-picking process and increase efficiency. 


Abarrotes Raúl faced the challenge of fulfilling grocery orders efficiently while ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors. They required a solution that could easily integrate into their warehouse infrastructure and handle high and low-volume picking demands.


Abarrotes Raúl implemented a pick-to-light system that consisted of a Passarella equipped with motorized conveyors and an array of tags for high and low-volume picking demands. The system used advanced sensors and LED lights to guide warehouse workers to the correct storage location for each order, reducing the risk of errors and improving picking accuracy.


The implementation of pick-to-light at Abarrotes Raúl reduced the time required for order picking and improved overall picking accuracy, improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, the system handled high and low-volume picking demands, saving time on the warehouse.

"The PTL system has changed our warehouse. We're now able to handle high and low-volume picking demands with ease, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction."

"Since implementing PTL, we've seen a significant reduction in errors and delays. Our warehouse workers love how easy it is to use"


increase in order-picking speed.

"We were looking for a solution to improve our grocery order fulfillment, and PTL has exceeded our expectations. We're now able to process orders faster and more accurately than ever before."

"The PTL system has been a great investment for our business. It has helped us reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve our overall customer experience."


reduction in picking errors.

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