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Smart Cart

Smart carts are equipped with sensors, barcode scanners, and other devices that can track inventory, monitor movement, and provide real-time data to workers and supervisors.

Upgrade your warehouse with our cutting-edge Smart Cart technology, designed to improve productivity and efficiency like never before. Our carts come equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring a smooth and improved operation. 

Increase Accuracy

Reduces the chances of errors in order fulfillment by guiding workers directly to the exact location of items for picking or placing.

Streamline operations

By removing unnecessary steps and reducing waste, operations become more efficient, allowing tasks to be completed in less time with fewer resources.

Real-Time Tracking

Collect, process, and display data about the location and movement of items within a warehouse or distribution center.

Customer stories

smart Carts

Development of a Picking Cart solution that streamlined order processing by allowing waves of 20 orders to be processed simultaneously. The results were impressive, with productivity increasing from 12 to an outstanding 160 picks per man-hour. Our solution proved to be an effective and efficient way to optimize order processing and improve warehouse productivity.


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