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Pick to Light / Put to Light

Improve order fulfillment accuracy, productivity, and efficiency in the warehouse. Ideal for high-volume operations, our systems streamline order fulfillment for greater productivity and profitability. Upgrade to the future of warehouse optimization.

Pick to Light streamlines order generation with a large number of destinations. Ideal for multilevel

Put to Light streamlines the fulfillment process for high-volume orders. Ideal for retail

Increase Accuracy

Reduces the chances of errors in order fulfillment by guiding workers directly to the exact location of items for picking or placing.

Reduce operating costs

Operators can fulfill orders faster, spending less time in picking, reducing costs, and increasing profitability.

Greater Flexibility

Both systems are highly customizable, making it easy to adapt to changing order volumes and inventory levels.

Customer cases

Woman Using Pick to Light

Implementing a PTL system in a quick picking line has improved operational agility and reduced the cost per sorted unit, enabling more efficient and effective market service. The system's advanced technology and automation have optimized sorting and increased profitability,


Warehouse worker smiling

The organization has implemented an Agile Pick to Light (PTL) solution for grocery order fulfillment, consisting of a pasarella with motorized conveyors and a range of tags for high and low picking volumes. This innovative system has optimized operations.


Ready to streamline your warehouse operations and improve your order fulfillment process? Upgrade today to Pick to Light! Contact us now to learn more and schedule a demo. Let's work together to maximize your efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction with Pick to Light!

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