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Grupo Axo

Transforming Picking Efficiency: Boosting performance with Movement Solutions. 

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Grupo AXO, a leading Mexican retail company, faced challenges in optimizing its picking process. The company relied on a manual picking process, which resulted in low efficiency and accuracy. They implemented a continuous sorting system with Put to Light technology, Motorized conveyors, and Tray Sorters. 


Grupo AXO's manual picking process was time-consuming, with an efficiency of 70 picks per man-hour. The company needed to optimize its process to meet the growing demand while ensuring accuracy.


Grupo AXO turned to Invenova, a leading provider of automated sorting solutions. A solution was designed and implemented a continuous sorting solution using material handling technology. It involved motorized conveyors, tray sorters, and Pick to Light to guide the workers to the correct location to pick the items. After picking the items, the workers placed them on the belt, which transported them to the tray sorters. The tray sorters then sorted them into their respective destinations.


Implementing this solution transformed Grupo AXO's picking process. The efficiency increased from 70 picks per man-hour to 320 pck/m-h. Additionally, the system allowed Grupo AXO to achieve an incredible 9,000 puts per man-hour. The company also improved its accuracy, resulting in a better customer experience.

"This system has transformed our picking process. Our efficiency has increased four-fold, and we can now meet our customers"

"This has made it easy for our pickers to locate the items, resulting in a more accurate and efficient process."


picking efficiency inreased. 

"We are thrilled with the results of the sorting system. It has made our process faster, accurate, and efficient, resulting in increased customer satisfaction."

Invenova enabled us to achieve our business goals by meeting our customers' demands and optimizing our process."


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