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El corte Inglés

Improves grocery sortation process with Gravity Conveyors

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El Corte Inglés, a Spanish department store chain, wanted to optimize its grocery distribution process. The company needed to ensure the efficient and accurate sorting of groceries to meet the growing demand for its products. To overcome these challenges, El Corte Inglés installed several gravity conveyors to complement their grocery sorting. 


El Corte Inglés faced challenges in optimizing its grocery distribution process. The company needed to ensure efficient and accurate distribution to meet the growing demand. The manual process was time-consuming, resulting in low efficiency and accuracy.


They turned to Invenova. We installed several gravity conveyors in its Distribution Center to complete the sortation process for groceries. The gravity conveyors moved the products from one location to another. They were sorted by pre-planned specifications and then sent to their respective destinations. 


The installation of the gravity conveyors transformed El Corte Inglés' grocery distribution process. The system ensured efficient and accurate sorting, resulting in a significant increase in savings. Additionally, the system allowed El Corte Inglés to achieve great results and a better customer experience.

"The installation of the gravity conveyors has transformed our grocery distribution process. We can now meet our customers' demands quickly, and our accuracy has significantly improved."

"The gravity conveyors are easy to use, and the sorting process is efficient and accurate. This has resulted in a more efficient process."

"We are impressed with the results of the gravity conveyors. It has made our process faster, accurate, and efficient, resulting in increased customer satisfaction."

"The gravity conveyors have enabled us to achieve our business goals by meeting our customers' demands and optimizing our process."

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