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El corte inglés

How El Corte Ingles Used Towline to Increase Storage and Quality Controls of Shipments

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El Corte Ingles is a leading retail company that specializes in fashion, home decor, and electronics.


 The company faced challenges with its existing material handling processes, including inefficiencies in storage and quality controls of shipments.


We implemented a towline system that connects several places within the same complex. The system consists of 9km of tow-chain and interconnected circuits. Carts are configured to automatically reach their final destination, whether it's storage, quality control, or shipments. The towline system also includes advanced communication systems allowing real-time tracking and monitoring of materials throughout the complex.


The implementation of the towline system has been a significant success for El Corte Ingles. The towline system has provided a unique solution that improved storage capacity, quality controls, and efficiency. El Corte Ingles is now better equipped to manage their inventory and meet the increasing demands of their customers.

"The towline system has allowed us to streamline our material handling processes and improve the efficiency of our logistics operations."

"We highly recommend the towline system to any company looking to optimize their material handling processes and improve the efficiency of their logistics operations."


increased storage capacity.

"The towline system has made a significant difference in our ability to manage our inventory and improve the accuracy of our quality controls."


increased accuracy.

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