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Increases warehouse efficiency with an integral warehouse solution. 

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PROMODA, a leading fashion retailer in Mexico, faced a significant challenge in its warehouse operations.


They needed to improve their sorting, moving, and picking processes to keep up with growing customer demands and remain competitive. Their existing system was slow and inefficient, resulting in delayed order fulfillment and lower customer satisfaction.


To address this challenge, our team implemented a range of solutions, including an overhead conveyor system with multiple storage levels for hang/flat garments, a mezzanine structure with shelving for shoe sorting, and a Put To Light system integrated with an e-commerce platform and a WMS. Combining these solutions, including the Motorized Conveyor system, significantly improved warehouse efficiency and reduced processing time, resulting in a more streamlined and accurate operation.


With the implementation of our Integral solution, PROMODA was able to significantly improve its warehouse operations and increase efficiency. Our team is proud to have played a role in helping them achieve their goals and remain competitive in their industry. If you're facing similar challenges in your warehouse operations, contact us today to see how we can help transform your processes and increase efficiency.

"This solution has revolutionized our warehouse operations. We can now sort, move, and pick products more efficiently than ever."

"The Put To Light system has made a difference in our accuracy and speed, allowing us to fulfill customer orders faster and with greater precision."


improved efficiency and accuracy.

"The implementation process was seamless, and the team at Invenova was incredibly professional and knowledgeable."

"We are impressed with the results of this project. Our warehouse operations have never been more efficient, and we have seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction."


faster order fulfillment.

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