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Increases Productivity with Smart Cart Solution

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Sephora is a global beauty retailer with a significant e-commerce presence. To fulfill online orders efficiently, they needed to find a way to process multiple orders simultaneously while reducing errors. To address these challenges, they implemented a Smart Cart solution with the help of a logistics solution provider.


Sephora was facing the challenge of fulfilling online orders efficiently. The manual picking process was slow, and there was a need to process multiple orders simultaneously while reducing errors.


To address these challenges, Sephora worked with a logistics solution provider to design and implement a Smart Cart solution. The solution allowed the warehouse workers to process waves of 20 orders simultaneously, with the cart indicating the picking sequence for each order. The Smart Cart was equipped with sensors that communicated with the warehouse management system to ensure the correct products were picked for each order.


The Smart Cart solution proved highly effective for Sephora, increasing productivity from 12 to 160 picks per man-hour. The solution also helped to reduce errors and improve overall order accuracy. With the increased efficiency, Sephora processes more orders in less time, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

"The Smart Cart solution has revolutionized our warehouse operations. The speed and accuracy of the picking process have significantly improved."

"With the Smart Cart, our warehouse workers are able to pick multiple orders simultaneously, which has helped us increase productivity while reducing errors."


picks per-man-hour.

"Implementing the Smart Cart has improved our ability to process online orders quickly and accurately, leading to higher customer satisfaction."

"The Smart Cart solution has helped us streamline our warehouse operations and improve efficiency. It's been a great investment for our business."


accuracy increment.

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